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Real estate people, entrepreneurs, agents and other outstanding players in the real estate market report a significant increase in inquiries shown by Jews from the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa and more, all interested in real estate investments in Israel, and no wonder.

Real estate investments in Israel, according to senior figures in the field, yield the highest returns over time. In Israel there were no crashes in the housing or commercial real estate market the way there were in the United State, Greece, Spain or other countries.

Israel is a small country, bordering on Arab countries and the sea, with nowhere to expand to the way the United States or Germany, for example, always seem to find additional land to build on. However, while the country’s land mass may remain limited, the Israeli population continues to grow and the forecast shows that within two decades, the number of residents is expected to nearly double. In addition to the normal birthrate, every year new immigrant Olim arrive in Israel, and nearly every Jew in the world dreams of acquiring land or an apartment to live in or for investment in Israel.

Herzliya Pituah – More than what you expected!

Herzliya Pituah is considered the most exclusive, expensive neighborhood in Israel and enjoys a spectacular reputation and high demand. Luxurious homes, spacious constructions, the quiet, the atmosphere, entertainment sites, the beach and the proximity to Tel Aviv, Ramat HaSharon, Ra’anana and the environs make it particularly attractive.

The city’s southern end contains the industrial zone, home to leading hi tech and technological companies, as well as a large commercial centre, luxury villas and a flourishing tourist area. The strip along the beach is full of exclusive hotels including the “Dan Acadia”, “HaSharon”, “The Daniel Hotel”, and the “Ritz Carleton”, where some of the apart-hotels are used as vacation homes.

Real estate realtors working in Herzliya Pituah and the surrounding report that over the past year numerous luxury properties were purchased by Jews from the United States, Europe, Canada and South America. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, deals were closed over Zoom, in transatlantic calls, over email and by some individuals managing to make it into Israel despite the airport closures.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Ina Feshler, marketing director of an Israeli real estate agency who noted the high levels of interest by overseas investors in beach-front properties, pushing up the prices of real estate along the first and second lines from the beach. Beach front properties, as she explained, are particularly hot, with limited supplies and high demand.

In Herzliya Pituah in particular, a vibrant demand continued for apartments and properties in all neighborhoods, especially on streets with proximity to the beach.

Giselle Aviv, CEO of AVIV GROUP Brokerage, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Project Marketing, speaks about recent years, in which the property prices in Herzliya Pituah broke records and managed to surprise even her. The Herzliya Pituah real estate market is a strong one, heavy on demand and expected to expand and grow stronger in the coming two years, as part of a process underway in the area, as she emphasizes.

Real Estate Deals in Herzliya Pituah that Make Investors Smile

Early in the month the Tel Aviv regional planning council approved the new program for the Herzliya Pituah industrial zone, converting the area from an industrial park to an integrated urban quarter for residences, commerce and expansion of hotel properties.

The Tidhar Group, in conjunction with other companies completed the purchase of property near the Microsoft Campus. They will invest 400 million NIS in the complex, which is expected to contain offices, commerce and residences. During the coming stages, the company intends to add nearby lots they own to the complex and to build offices, commercial and residential buildings, turning the complex into one of the largest established in recent years in the industrial zone, which attracts a great number of hi tech companies.

After a wait of twenty years, the Tel Aviv regional planning council submitted the Hof HaTchelet plan. The plan includes establishing a new urban quarter in the southwest of Herzliya, in one of the most in-demand land reserves in the country’s centre. The plan includes 12,500 apartments, 2000 hotel rooms and thousands of employment and commercial plots

On a beachfront lot beneath the exclusive Galei HaTchelet Street which runs along the seaside in sections, a 114 room hotel is programmed for construction. Three petitioners submitted objections to the hotel’s construction, however a regional court judge, the Hon. Limor Barabi clarified that following approval of the national Tama 1 building program of February 2020, the seaside lot had been earmarked for hotels. The petitioners withdrew their suits and the path to constructing a new hotel in Herzliya Pituah was established.

AVIV GROUP – Herzliya Pituah is our home!

Giselle Aviv, as the owner of a real estate brokerage and entrepreneurship company handles luxury properties in Herzliya Pituah as part of a selection of properties and deals. Clients interested in benefitting from the attractive real estate investments available in Herzliya Pituah contact the company in order to purchase properties, as do local clients interested in selling.

When considering what makes a successful real estate deal, explains Giselle Aviv, the company CEO, we examine two factors: What the yield is, the security element, as well as seeking maximum security in the investment. Our intention is to identify the real estate properties which will produce a high yield in conjunction with high security.

Real estate assets in Herzliya Pituah have yielded high returns over the past years, demand is high and supply is low, pushing the real estate prices to ever-increasing heights.

For those investors who approach us, we offer luxury homes, commercial properties, offices and investment properties. Recently, a client from the United States purchased an older home on the second line, nearby the sea, for investment purposes. Approval of the seafront program and the permission to change designation significantly boosted the price of the lot he had purchased and gave him the option and hope to build a hotel on his property in the near future. Another couple, recently arrived from overseas a number of years ago and living in an exclusive area of Tel Aviv, decided in October 2021 to move to Herzliya Pituah, purchasing a house through us to live in on Basel Street in the neighborhood

As realtors certified through the Ministry of Justice and the National Realtors Association, the background from which we have grown and developed, in addition to the extensive experience accrued, give us the knowledge and advantage when appraising a property, understanding the nature of all elements in the deal and reaching optimal results to the full satisfaction of our clientele.

Great timing for real estate deals is one of the main components of a successful deal. We know how to identify opportunities, making sure not to miss out on the most attractive deals.

Get in touch today, because what you see today won’t be around tomorrow!

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