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Whether it’s regarding the sale or the purchase of a property – it’s crucial to know how to select the right professional for you. Property management demands a lot more than “just” a realtor.

At Aviv Group Real Estate Consultants, we know exactly how to match people with the perfect property.

With the enormous variety which the world of real estate has to offer, we are able to put together the best deal for both parties, whether buying or selling, through sensitive negotiation and mediation of potential conflicts.

Properties which we manage are carefully studied. A comprehensive examination is carried out through the Tax Authority, a comparative market report, consideration of the surrounding area in which the property is located including all planned construction in the area.

In addition to the experienced we’ve accumulated in the field, along with real estate management training, Giselle Aviv, CEO and owner of the company, trained in Real Estate Management from Tel Aviv University, comes from a background in urban renewal, project marketing and many years as a business mentor and advisor.

We are committed to continually enriching our professional capabilities and our staff benefit from seminars and professional development by some of the leading professional figures in the fields of property and real estate.

Our realtors have been carefully selected.

We strongly believe that a good reputation is worth its weight in gold.

As realtors certified by the Ministry of Justice and as members of the National Realtors Association, the comprehensive background from which we have developed allows us to know how to value a property, ask the right questions, understand the nature of all the elements in the deal and achieve an optimal result.

Though the sales process takes time, sticking to a schedule is important to us..

Within the framework of the deal timing is of the utmost importance and we refuse to miss an opportunity when it presents itself.

Every client receives absolute attention to their needs, high availability and careful treatment of each an every stage of the process until the deal is complete.

The approach to work which we have insisted upon throughout the years of working in the various fields is one of entrepreneurship and creativity, a broad view of each property from a range of angles, a strong negotiating ability and full transparency for the client.


The 360º of a deal

The true art of real estate brokering is the ability to bring two sides to the negotiating table, while protecting the interests of each and closing the deal successfully.

Why work with us?

Working with a realtor begins and ends with excellent chemistry and mutual trust; both of which we take extremely seriously.

The values which guide us are: honesty, transparency, personal attention and professionalism.

Our toolbox is rich and varied. It contains urban renewal, project marketing, brokerage of various properties, business management, business consultancy and extensive practical knowledge of promotion and sales.

Your next opportunity is already here.

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We provide personal care to each customer. Our team is attentive to our clientele, and make best efforts to match properties which suits our clients needs and preferences. We have a variety of luxury properties, commercial properties and real estate transactions exclusively.

Our Team

Eliran Aviv


Has years of experience working in marketing, specializes in digital properties, an entrepreneur at heart, management and team guidance, has his own unique path to action and growth.

An NLP graduate, one of a select few chosen through a Master’s in the field.

Realty license holder, member of the National Realtors’ Association.

Giselle Aviv

CEO – Owner

All that the real estate world has to offer, I am here to assist each and every client in one of the important processes in the debtor.

In addition to the experience I gained in the field, I studied real estate management on behalf of Tel Aviv University. I am a certified realtor on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and a member of the National Chamber of Realtors.
The combined background from which I grew up and developed allows me to know how to evaluate each property, ask the right questions, stand on the nature of all the factors involved in the transaction and reach the best result.
Adherence to a schedule is extremely important even in a process that takes time in advance.
A good deal has a mature time and yet, timing is the name of the game,
I do not miss the opportunity when it comes to my client's door.
Each customer receives a full answer to his needs,
High availability and meticulous care in each and every step of the process until the end of the purchase.
The work approach that accompanies me throughout my career in the various fields in which I have worked is an entrepreneurial approach that combines creativity, high negotiation ability and full transparency with the client.
I'm here for you and for you.


Michal Moshe

Legal Adviser

LL.B in Law and a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2000.

Handles commercial civil law, commercial litigation and contract law.

Bar Association – certified mediator.

Marina Zarkel


I am a hardworking and responsible woman,
Talented with proven experience of more than 16 years in the field of real estate,
For quite a few years I worked in Ukraine “StroyInvest” (Donetsk, Ukraine),
And for several years has been engaged in the field in Israel.

Brings with me rich and varied life experience of many years,
Representativeness, intelligence, communication, excellent interpersonal skills,

Speaks Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian.
I’m here to give, to help you sell, to the site
And examine your next property,
Step into the process as accurately as possible.
And does so with lots of love.

Ziona Lavi


Real estate transactions are among the complex transactions to be realized, due to the fact that it is a proper mapping of needs, a desire to fulfill dreams and engaging in large sums of money.
In order to do this correctly one has to look beyond the walls literally, first see the people and only then the asset and potential inherent in it.

My name is Ziona Lavie and I bring with me 37 years of experience in the field of planning, human resource management and leading complex projects and processes,

Of these, 27 years of service in the Air Force and 10 years in civilian systems.
I believe that the key to a great connection between people is based on two things – trust and mutual respect,

A fast and high-quality real estate transaction also requires professionalism, matching needs to desires and the ability to see beyond the walls.

I know that the many years of experience I bring with me will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.
I invite you to contact me and together see beyond the walls.
I undertake to be your private mediator, to take care of your interests and to pinpoint with you the needs and desires, and together to find the most suitable property for you.

Liel Cohen


I breathe and live the world of real estate with uncompromisingly close accompaniment,
I am here to find for your requirements the most correct and accurate transaction,
I bring with me an extraordinary toolbox of transitions in the high-tech world, creativity, work ethic and setting clear goals,

In all the many projects I have carried out for leading companies in the economy, such as: Matrix, Bank Leumi and more …
I placed human relations as a top value, listening and responding with personal guidance along the way,
This is an integral part of the definition of professionalism,
So if it is important to you that these features accompany you in the next transaction I am here at your service.

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